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Clicking the Messaging tab will take you to this screen:



There are two main types of messages you have the ability to manage & make available to your users:

  • Banner
    • When in use, the banner shows up across the top of the page for any logged in user on your EdReady site: it can be closed by clicking the ‘x’ and will remain hidden for the remainder of the user’s session. It can be used to alert users of updates, maintenance or other important announcements
  • Messages
    • You can create a custom message in four places on your EdReady site by using the Messaging tab. These messages can act like announcements on a bulletin board to your students and can be a great way to provide additional instruction and information. For example, you may want to use this as a place to remind students about an important upcoming date or share helpful external resources. If you have an external advertising delivery system that displays custom messages to students (such as AdJuggler), you can take advantage of that functionality here.
    • If you’d like to use the Messaging functionality, check the Messages Allowed checkbox and click the Save changes button.


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