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Study Path Options Test Settings: Active

Selecting Active checkbox will make the study path active. If the goal is also active, this will make the study path visible to students. To deactivate the study path and make it inaccessible to students, uncheck this box.


Study Path Options Test Settings: Disable Expedited Testing

When this option is selected, EdReady will not present students with any questions that cover multiple learning objectives. Since each question will only test one specific learning objective, testing each unit and topic may require more questions, thus take longer to complete. This option is unchecked by default.


Study Path Options Test Settings: Enable Unit Tests

By default, students have the option of attempting to demonstrate mastery for an entire unit at once by taking a unit test, as shown in the images below.studyPathOptions_unitTest.png


If this option is unchecked, students will no longer have this option, and will only be able to show mastery and increase their EdReady score by taking topic level tests.


Study Path Options Test Settings: Allow students to hold questions until the end of the diagnostic

Selecting this option will allow students to skip a question during the diagnostic and revisit it after they have gone through all of the other questions. A Hold button will appear under each question in the diagnostic. Clicking the Hold button will save that question and move it to the end of the diagnostic. When the question appears again, the student will only be able to answer it or select Pass to skip it without submitting an answer.


Study Path Options Test Settings: Skip initial diagnostic

If this setting is enabled, students will all skip the diagnostic and be able to access their study path immediately. This can be beneficial if you want all students to start from the same place or if you don't expect your students to know the material in advance (ex: your study path covers the material students will be learning in class). 

Study Path Options Test Settings: Randomize Questions for Diagnostic Tests

Selecting this option will randomize the order in which diagnostic questions are presented to students. Instead of following the sequential order of the topics as outlined in the diagnostic scope, questions will appear in a random order. Students will see this reflected in the name name above the progress bar while taking the diagnostic. As they progress through the diagnostic, the unit of the topic and learning objective(s) that each question represents will change. Additionally, every student that takes the diagnostic for the study path will see questions presented in a different order.studyPathOptions_randomize.png

Study Path Options: Only retest unmastered objectives

By default this setting is unchecked and students will be tested on all learning objectives (LOs) in a Topic each time they take a Topic-level test. For example, in the view below, the student has 2 learning objectives mastered (indicated by teal dots) for this topic and one not mastered (the red dot): 


If the student were to take the Topic-level Test, he would be tested on all three LOs and need to re-prove mastery of the previously-mastered material. 

While this works well for math, member feedback indicated that this behavior has caused frustration for students working on English study paths, since the Topics tend to cover a broader set of LOs. If this setting is enabled, students will not be tested on previously-mastered material and will only see questions on the not-mastered LOs when taking a Topic-level Test. For example, the student whose status' are shown above would only see a question on the red LO and would not be tested on the two mastered (teal) LOs. 

It is important to understand that while this setting can reduce student frustration, it also means that students only need to prove mastery of any learning objective a single time. After showing mastery, the student will not encounter any additional questions on this LO. 

The "reboot" feature

When a student tests so many times on a topic that they actually run out of questions on one or more learning objectives, the student must restart the pool of questions and EdReady also restarts the overall mastery check for the whole topic.

You can think of this as a topic reboot, where all of the questions get moved back into the "unassessed" pile and all of the LOs get put back into the "unmastered" category.

If the student actually learned and mastered some of the content, then the first assessment after the reboot should result in mastering out of many of the associated LOs and quickly get the student back to a place where there are only a few LOs remaining to master. Otherwise, they will rightly be retested on the unmastered learning objectives.

Study Path Options: Include only initial diagnostic collections

This setting is NOT yet functional and should not be selected. Please leave this unchecked to ensure that your initial diagnostic tests behave properly for your students.  




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