Subscribing to Notifications

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Notifications allow you to easily unearth important behaviors and actions (or lack of actions) by your students in EdReady. While all of the student data underlying these actions and behaviors are already available in the reports, the Notifications functionality easily brings key actions to your attention without having to go looking for it. 

Your EdReady Administrator will create notifications, but you will need to subscribe to any notifications you want to receive for a specific study path (Goal + Scope combination).

Subscribing to Notifications

1. In the top header, visit the menu under your name: click the My Notifications link


2. Click on the Subscriptions tab. Click on the Study Path level tab. Click the Subscribe button to subscribe to the notification in that row 


3. The Notifications tab will list the type of notifications you have available and the number that are unread. Click the Details link to see more information about the specific notifications. 

The page will expand/ refresh to display the specific notifications available to you. Click the View link to see more details about a specific notification.


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