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The Milestone Achieved notification is designed to alert teachers or staff when students meet specified milestones. This allows staff to easily be alerted as students progress through their study path.

They are especially helpful if something should happen when the student completes a milestone: for example, you want to reach out to students after completing their diagnostic, or you need to enter into your gradebook the fact that the target score has been reached.

Notification Settings

The available milestones are:

  1. Initial Diagnostic Notification: allows users to be notified when a student completes the initial diagnostic.
  2. Target Score Notification: allows users to be notified when a student reaches the default target score for the scope.
  3. Max Target Score Notification: if the scope's default target score is less than 100 and the option to Continue Studying after reaching a target score (on the Congratulations page) is enabled, this notification can be used. It allows users to be notified when a student reaches a score of 100. 

When generated, this notification includes the milestone name, student’s name, email address, and study path in which the milestone was achieved.

Adding this Notification

  1. Navigate to the Study Path Options for this goal and scope (more details here), then click the Notifications button. A pop-up window will appear:
  2. Select Milestone Achieved in the Type dropdown Milestone_Achieved_Drop.png
  3. Name the notification. **Please note all three notifications can be activated at the same time and when the notification is delivered it will specify which milestone was reached**
  4. Provide a message directed to the admin or teacher on the next steps they are to follow upon receiving the notification.
  5. Select the notifications of interest: subscribing users will be notified when each enabled milestone is reached. Milestone_Achieved.png
  6. Make sure you have enabled the Active checkbox

  7. Click the Save button to create the notification

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