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The Attempt Message allows you to receive a notification when a student has completed a certain number of Topic-level tests without Mastering the Topic. Unlike the Learning and Testing Ratio notification, this notification is generated regardless of how much time they have spent in the Learn resources. 

This message is a helpful way to identify students that are testing excessively: the student may just be testing over and over, or they may be using the Learn resources and still unable to master the material. Either way, an intervention is likely needed. 

This message is also the only message displayed to students. When triggered, the student will see the Attempt Message after completing the Topic Test instead of the standard Not Mastered message. 

Notification Settings

This notification has one main option: the Attempt Number. This number indicates when the message will be displayed/ notification generated. A student will trigger this notification when: 

  1. They complete the number of topic tests that match the Attempt Number
  2. The topic was not Mastered at the conclusion of the topic test

Adding this Notification

NOTE: This is the only notification that is created/ edited under a specific Study Path Options Message (versus creating with the "Notifications" button)

1. Navigate to the Study Path Options for this goal and scope (more details here)

2. Click on the Messaging tab

3. Click the Edit link for the Post-diagnostic > End Of Topic message


4. At the bottom of the page, click the Attempt Messaging button


5. You will be taken to the Configure Attempt Messaging page: any existing Attempt Messages will be listed in the Attempt Message List table. Click the Add a new message button.


6. Provide the details about this notification, then click the Save button:

  • Attempt number: number of topic tests the student needs to complete (and still not master the topic) to see this message. 
  • Alternative message: the message that will be displayed to the student


7. The student-facing message is automatically created/ saved, but you will see a pop-up window where you can indicate if you also want a Notification (teacher/ admin-facing) to be generated. Click the Add button.


8. A secondary pop-up will display, asking if you want to subscribe to this notification (for this study path). If you do, click the Add button. Otherwise, click Cancel.


The message will be listed on-screen under the Attempt Message List table. If you want an additional notification displayed after a different number of topic tests, click the Add a new message button again. 







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