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Notifications give you an opportunity to identify the student milestones and behaviors that you’re interested in tracking and alerting instructors to, in real-time when students demonstrate selected actions. While all of the student data underlying these actions and behaviors are already available in the reports, the Notifications functionality easily brings key actions to your attention without having to go looking for them. EdReady Notifications proactively inform you of key student behaviors. You can choose which types of student activities trigger a notification by subscribing.

Detailed instructions and details can be found below and we also have a Notifications "Quick Start" guide for EdReady Administrators, available here.

Available Notifications

Click on the Notification Name below to learn more about that notification and how to configure it

Notification Name Description
No Milestone Progress Allows users to be notified if a student has not achieved a milestone after a specified amount of time (from joining the goal).
Milestone Achieved Allows users to be notified when a student has achieved a milestone.
Learning and Testing Ratio Allows users to be alerted to unusual testing behavior, flagging students that are testing a specified amount of times for a topic, but not studying (using the Learn resources)
Test Attempt Message Allows users to be alerted to unusual testing behavior, flagging students that have tested a specified amount of times for a topic. The Learn time is not considered for this alert.
**This is the only alert that has a student-facing message

Suggested Notifications Settings

As you implement Notifications, we have provided suggested settings in this document. Feel free to use these details as-is, or as a starting point to customize for your local situation. 

Adding Notifications

1. Click the blue Edit EdReady Version button from your reports dashboard


2. You will need to navigate to the Study Options for the study path (goal + scope) you want to edit. There are two ways to navigate there: 


3.1 Click on the Goals tab 

3.2 In the Actions column, click Edit for the goal that needs new notifications


3.3. Click on the Scopes tab for this goal 


3.4. In the Actions column, click Configure for the scope that needs new notifications: this will take you to the Study Path Options pages


3.A, Click on the Study Paths tab

3.B. In the displayed Goal Lists table, click the View Study Paths link for the Goal you want to edit


3.C.. The Scopes in this Goal will be displayed in a table at the bottom of the page. Click the Configure link for the Scope where you'll be adding Notifications.



NOTE: for the Test Attempt Message notification, skip ahead to the instructions HERE. For all other notifications, continue below

4. Click on the Notifications button (above the Messaging tab, on the right-hand side of the page)   


5. A pop-up window will appear where you can create notifications for this particular study path.

Detailed instructions on each Notification can be found at the below links:

Repeat the steps above to create any additional notifications for this study path.

Once you have all the notifications needed for this study path, repeat the process for the next study path.

If you copy a goal, all existing Notifications will also be copied.


Removing or Editing Notifications

Follow the steps below if you need to edit or remove a notification that has already been created: 

1. In the top header, visit the menu under your name: click the My Notifications link.


2. On the page that opens, click on the Management tab, then the Study Path Level tab.

3. In the table, click the Edit link for the notification you want to update, or click Delete to completely remove the notification from the Study Path.


4. The current notification settings will be displayed under the table. Make any desired edits, then click the Update button to change your settings.


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