Duplicate Questions in NROC English/Math Assessments: Blackboard Ultra Bug

Blackboard Ultra has a tendency to create duplicate questions in the math and English assessments of the installed NROC courses.

Unfortunately, there is nothing consistent about this problem that we can identify or take action on. For example:

  • In one trial import in our testing cycle, Unit 1 Form A had the first question duplicated, but the rest were fine. However, on Unit 1 Form B of the same test import, all questions were duplicated. 
  • In another trial, when we imported into an existing class, there was no duplication, but when we imported a fresh copy of the IMSCC, there were inconsistent duplications. 

This indicates the importing into an existing class might help alleviate the problem, but we cannot say for certain. 

We can confirm that the problem is not being directly caused by our IMSCC file, since it works just fine in Blackboard Learn and many other LMSes, and has been checked by an IMSCC validator to ensure it meets their standards.

So, unfortunately, we are left with "Blackboard Ultra is doing something weird" and we have no further explanation for it.

The only solution appears to be deleting the duplicate questions. This is a manual task and quite intensive, since it requires going into each quiz in the entire course and checking all questions for duplicates. If this is done at the initial point of import, and the course is saved as a master template, then subsequent copies of the course should be fine.

We strongly encourage Blackboard Ultra users who experience this problem to report the issue to Blackboard support so they can investigate and take action to correct the problem.

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