NROC Course Manager: Student Accounts and Rosters

How Student Accounts Are Created in the NROC Course Manager

Student accounts in the NROC Course Manager are created when a student clicks on an LTI-connected link in a registered NROC Math or English class in your learning management system (LMS: Blackboard, Moodle, etc.). 

The result of this seamless registration process is two-fold:

  1. The student has immediate access to the content without having to create or manage an account or use a password.
  2. The student's name appears on the class roster on the Students tab and on the Reports tab in the NROC Course Manager.

There are two types of links that will trigger a student registration event:

  1. Unit X/Begin Here
  2. Tutor Sim (NROC Math only)

These are LTI-connected links that communicate the student's name and class information to the NROC Course Manager database. This results in the student's name appearing in your class roster on the Students tab of the NROC Course Manager.

All other content in the LMS (including assessments/quizzes) does NOT have any effect on the student's registration status in the NROC Course Manager.

"Missing" Students

If a student is missing from your Students tab roster, that is because the student has not clicked on an LTI link in that particular class. If you have confirmed that they are working on classwork but not showing up in the roster, one of two things has happened:

  1. The student is working in a different class in your LMS than the one you are looking at.
  2. The student has only worked on content that is not LTI-connected (quizzes, Foundation lessons, custom content you have added, etc.)

Note: If you see students in your LMS roster who are not in the NROC Course Manager, the above reasons apply. This is a common scenario at the beginning of a new term or a new class. The NROC Course Manager does not have any ability to "see" your roster in your LMS.

Teachers With Student Accounts

Teachers often have student accounts, as well, simply as a result of testing their own class features. This triggers in the same manner: the teacher has clicked on a Unit or Tutor Sim link, thus creating a student account. There is no connection with their registered instructor account and this does not interfere or cause any sort of problems.


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