Customize HippoCampus for Your Class

To create your own custom HippoCampus page, start by going to your institution's branded,
member site.

Create an Account

From your branded member site, click the Log In link in the upper right-hand corner of the

On the Log In popup, click the Create Account tab at the top, and follow the directions to register. As you create the “Log-In ID,” keep in mind that this will be part of the URL for pointing students to your new custom site. It cannot be the same as any other user's ID. (In the screenshot below, "rennieb" is the Login ID.)

Once you have registered, go back to the Log In tab and enter your Login ID and Password. You have now created a unique URL for your branded custom HippoCampus site to be shared with students.

You can give your students the direct URL to your custom site, which will be sent to you in a
welcome email when you create your account. That URL is also visible in the right-hand section of
the Welcome box of any page of your custom site when you are logged in:



Another way students can access your customized page by going to the Log In screen and
entering your Login ID at the bottom of the screen, in the section that says, “If you want to visit
someone else's myHippo page, you can look them up here:”



Edit Content

Please visit Edit Your HippoCampus Account for more information on the options available to customize your site for users.

Create a Playlist

Please visit HippoCampus Playlists for information about creating playlists of content within and across disciplines.


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