HippoCampus: Subject Pages

Browse Topics

The Browse Topics tab (shown in orange when selected) is the default open tab. The first
column within the Browse Topics tab lists Presentations, Worked Examples, and Simulations
available for this subject, organized by Collection. Some subjects, such as Algebra & Geometry,
also offer a Test Prep option.


Select any item from the first column to display a list of the individual Topics related to that
course or collection:


Clicking on a Topic name in the middle column highlights that topic name (here, "Freefall") and
loads that media into the Media Window on the right:


Standards Correlations

The Standards Correlations tab allows you to view HippoCampus media objects/topics as
correlated to a particular state or national learning standard. When you select a content standard
and grade level in the settings, the first column displays the learning standard, with a rollover that
displays the wording of the standard.



Clicking one of the standards in the first column loads all the Topics related to that standard in
the middle column. Clicking a Topic name launches that Topic in the Media Window:



HippoCampus subject matter experts (SMEs) have recommended links for most subject areas to guide users to other helpful teaching resources on the internet.




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