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Media Window Control Bar

The frame at the bottom of the Media Window contains a control bar. Some tools* are only available to logged-in users.








Maximizing the Media Window and Hiding the First Column

The Media Window can be expanded by clicking the "+ maximize" link in the Media Window
Control Bar area. To further increase the size of the screen for viewing, click the "hide column" link beneath the first column.



With the first column hidden and the Media Window maximized, the screen now looks like this:


This is the optimal setup for projecting content in a classroom setting.

Note that the first column can always be hidden or shown regardless of whether the Media Window is maximized or minimized.


Another way to find relevant content at HippoCampus is with the Search tool. Start by making
a selection from the first column. To select two, three, or more individual titles from the first
column, hold down the command or control key while clicking the titles. Alternatively, you
can search across a subject by checking the "Search All Content" box (shown checked below).


Type a word or phrase into the Search box to search the multimedia content on a Subject Page.
For example, from the Physics Subject Page, try typing the word "function". You will be presented
with a list of the Topics/media objects that relate to your search term, and you can then click on
a Topic to preview the content.


Collapse and Expand Content Boxes

You can use the +/- buttons in the upper left corner of content boxes to collapse or expand
those boxes to make the best use of screen real estate according to your needs.

For example, collapsing the main content box on the Physics Subject Page will bring the Blogs
and the Links up to the top of the screen:


You can use the same +/- functionality to collapse contents in the first column. This example
shows the Algebra & Geometry Subject Page expanded on the left, and the same page shown
with the Worked Examples and Test Prep categories collapsed on the right:


Top Navigation

In the far upper right corner of all pages, you'll find links to Log In and

The Log In button will be discussed below in the section on HippoCampus Customization. The
About button takes you to a box that includes tabs containing information about
HippoCampus, FAQs, and Contact information.




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