Edit Your HippoCampus Account

Use the Edit Account functionality to designate what content appears at your institution's customized
HippoCampus site. Log in, and then click the Edit Account tab that appears in the top right navigation bar.

This opens the Edit Account dialog box, which offers four tabs for customizing your site: Edit Preferences, Edit Profile, Edit Content, and Edit Textbooks.

Edit Preferences


Links added in the Edit Preferences tab will appear in the top (gray) navigation bar in your custom site. Here, a link to "Teacher Center" has been added. You may wish to link to other central resources, such as your institution's main website, for easy navigation from HippoCampus. This is also the tab where you can upload your institution's logo.

Note that all links will be converted to HTTPS:// with the S added to indicate "secure". If your linked content is not on a secure server, it may not be available in HippoCampus or other secure environments due to browser security protocols.

Edit Profile


This tab allows you to change your password, update your email address, etc. Information shared in the profile will help the HippoCampus/NROC team stay in touch with you and share updates as appropriate. Uncheck the box if you do not wish to receive our newsletters.

Edit Content

This tab allows you to determine what content displays on each page within your institution's custom HippoCampus. Remember that any changes made here will be reflected on all the "child" sites that your institution's instructors create.


Use the pull-down menu to select a page to customize. The screen above shows the Home page selected, with all the subject areas checked. For any subject areas you want to remove from the page, simply un-check those subjects, then click the Save button. To restore any subjects you have removed, simply return to the Edit Content tab and re-check those subjects, then click Save.

To edit content on a Subject page, use the pull-down menu to select the page you want to customize. You will see a list of elements to select or de-select.

More details on how to customize all the elements of the HippoCampus website can be found in the Help Center (this website), which can be accessed via the top navigation bar near the Log In button.



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