Member Branded HippoCampus Sites for Administrators

Every NROC Member Institution has its own customized HippoCampus site, branded with the institution's logo. Here is a sample showing the NROC logo in the upper left corner of the page:


As the designated HippoCampus administrator for your institution, you have the credentials that allow you to modify the branded site serving all of your constituents. This means that you can access and customize the "parent" copy of the HippoCampus website for your institution. Use this access carefully, since EVERY “child” site that your institution’s instructors create and customize will automatically inherit any changes you make to the parent site.

To customize the branded "parent" website for your institution, go to the "Log In" link in the upper right-hand corner of the HippoCampus website.

In the box that opens, enter your administrator Login ID and Password. If you cannot remember, or locate your administrator login, contact us using the "Help" button at the bottom of the screen.

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