Errata: Typo in NROC English, Unit 9, Assessment Form A

November 2021

A typo has been identified in NROC English, Unit 9, Assessment Form A, Question ID 164322.

It has been corrected in our database and will be published in the next course release, most likely next summer.

Because the quiz is part of the installed course in your LMS, we do not have a way to fix this immediately in your local version of the course.

Each instructor should use their own LMS quiz editing options to make the following correction.


This question is located in NROC English, Unit 9, Assessment Form A.

You may see it as Question #16 but the numbering may be altered by your LMS settings.

The question begins as follows:

Read this sentence.

Claudia is a person who rides a bike to work...


One of the answer choices is:

Claudia rides a bikes to work every day to stay fit.


This should be edited to make "bike" singular:

Claudia rides a bike to work every day to stay fit.


If you have any trouble locating the question in your installed instance, or if you do not know how to edit your quiz questions, your local LMS administrator is typically the best person to talk to.

If you need assistance from NROC staff, you can reach us at 

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