HippoCampus for NROC Member Institutions

NROC member institutions have a custom HippoCampus website branded with their logo, and content mapped to state and national standards. Terms of use at this member site grant institutional rights of
use of the NROC content. Institutional sites can be further customized by a site administrator to set up course lists, textbook lists, and bookmarks for all users of the site.

Instructors at your institution can also register for their own “child” accounts to further customize NROC materials to meet their classroom needs. These custom sites inherit all the branding and customization that is set up by the administrator at the institutional site.

Member HippoCampus Features

Key HippoCampus features for members include:

State and National Standards Correlations - NROC content is correlated to state and national standards.

Textbook Correlations - NROC content is also correlated to leading textbooks for ready reference. Registered teachers may also add correlations to their own custom sites.

Multiple Content Collections – In addition to content from the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), HippoCampus has grown to include multimedia learning objects from Khan Academy and the University of Colorado's PhET program (interactive science and math simulations).

Multiple Subjects – HippoCampus offers content in Math (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, and Probability), Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science), Social Science (History, Government, Economics, and Religion), and Social Science (Religion).

Four Styles of Multimedia Content – Presentations, Worked Examples, Test Prep, and Simulations are all available for student and instructor use.

Instructor Customization – Instructors can modify their own HippoCampus site with custom Subject Displays, and Textbook Correlations, topic-level Annotations, and Playlists.

Custom Playlists - Instructors can mix and match content from across subjects and collections in HippoCampus by creating Playlists that teachers can present in classrooms, assign for homework or review, or share with students.

Your Custom URL

Your member organization’s branded HippoCampus site URL will be something like this:

Note: No login is required to access any of the resources at your site. Teachers may choose to create an account only if they wish to customize a version of the site for their personal or classroom use. They will be given a unique URL for that custom site, and again, no log-ins will be required of students or other visitors to their customized sites.

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