Security Awareness for NROC Members

The NROC Project develops curriculum that is used in schools and colleges. One of the most important factors we must address is the security of our content. We need our members' help to do this.

Some materials and resources in this Help Center are flagged as "secure" -- especially those that contain sensitive content such as test questions and answers -- meaning they must be installed or shared within a secure environment to prevent unauthorized access.

These resources are not available for instructors to download, but instead must be accessed by an approved administrator who can then share them within a secure environment managed by your institution (e.g., a secure cloud repository or your LMS). NROC content must never be shared via email, which is non-secure by nature.

Your local NROC Project Manager and LMS Administrator will work together to ensure that secure resources are installed in your LMS or made available to instructors only in an appropriate area. See HERE for further instructions.

The primary security issues that all NROC members should be aware of are:

  1. Contact your LMS administrator for course installations or to have secure content downloaded and provided to you. See HERE for further details.
  2. Do not share files that contain test questions and answers via email.
  3. Take every possible precaution to ensure that secure content cannot be discovered by students, either innocently or by malicious means.
  4. Do not store secure files on your hard drive. Delete them after use (be sure to empty your trash) and download them again in the future if you need them.
  5. If someone shares a file in a non-secure environment (such as email or a public repository) make every effort to have that file removed immediately. Contact your institution's security team if needed. Contact NROC if you believe there has been a breach of security.

We appreciate your help in maintaining the security of NROC content.

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