Hippo Links for Members

This customizable file contains links to all learning objects at HippoCampus, organized by HippoCampus Subject page. To find items in each spreadsheet quickly, columns may be filtered or sorted by:

  • Object Type
  • Collection
  • Course and Unit Title
  • ... and other categories

Click the triangle at the top of the desired column to set the sort criteria or choose which category in that column to filter by.

Usage instructions:

All links in this file contain a placeholder ID: myXXXX.

Before using the links, perform a workbook-wide Find and Replace to change all instances of "myXXXX" with your institution's Hippo ID (for example: "myNROC"). 

Contact Your LMS Admin for Access to This Resource

Only LMS Administrators can access this material for distribution within a secure environment. Please contact your LMS Administrator or your local NROC Project Manager for assistance in accessing this resource. If you do not know whom to contact, you can reach out to us in NROC Support and we will connect you with the right person. Contact us at and select "Request NROC Project Manager Information".

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