Error: Refused to Connect

If you get a "Refused to Connect" error from your browser when trying to interact with the NROC or EdReady support ticket or Help Center system, it is typically due to third-party cookies not being allowed by your browser.

This may be caused by browser settings or an ad blocker. Chrome and Safari are the browsers most likely to cause this problem. If you are using a different browser, it is more likely to be an ad blocker. 

  1. Allow 3rd party cookies. Check your browser's cookie settings and make sure that third-party cookies are allowed, at least for You can find instructions for Chrome here and Safari here.
  2. Disable your ad blocker or whitelist (allow ads from) Ad blocker settings vary greatly, so we cannot provide instructions for all of them. But typically, it involves whitelisting, filtering, or otherwise allowing certain sites to use third-party cookies, while still blocking others. Check the ad blocker's documentation for help.

Note that the "https" portion of the URL may or may not be required when whitelisting websites.

If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble, get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you.


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