NROC Dev Math – Workbook

member-contrib-icon.png Member-contributed Developmental Math Workbook prepared by Scott Beckett, Anna Marie Schaefer, Shelby Brooks, Kalie Bible, Mary Reagan, and Chris Mount at the Department of Learning Services, Jacksonville State University.

The workbook includes pencil and paper practice problems aligned with most of the NROC Developmental Math topics accessed from your LMS, HippoCampus, or EdReady.

You will find the following resources in this package:

  • Instructor Edition – each page in this workbook incorporates a systematic review of all previous topics and presents a selection of problems that progressively increase in difficulty. The Instructor Edition includes all of the answers for the entire workbook.

  • Student Edition – includes all of the odd answers for each set of problems (to be shared with students)

  • Math Facts Flashcards – a complete set of multiplication and division flashcards (0-9) your students can use to study math facts.

  • SAFMEDS – Say All Fast Minute Each Day Shuffled. This is a specific learning procedure that resembles flashcards. There are cards included for most of the NROC topics.

  • Instructor Training Manual – provides a set of checklists that outline how Jacksonville State faculty incorporate the NROC developmental math materials into their teaching system.

  • Screenshots to Accompany NROC Developmental Math – instructors use these screenshots to prep for short review lectures and to compare the notes students take while watching the videos.

The only units that are not included in this resource are 8, 18, and 19.

Contact Your LMS Admin for Access to This Resource

Only LMS Administrators can access this material for distribution within a secure environment. Please contact your LMS Administrator or your local NROC Project Manager for assistance in accessing this resource. If you do not know whom to contact, you can reach out to us in NROC Support and we will connect you with the right person. Contact us at and select "Request NROC Project Manager Information".

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