Five Questions to Consider Before You Meet with Your Implementation Specialist

Your NROC Implementation Specialist has a wealth of knowledge about how NROC courses and tools can be used to support your students. They can ensure that EdReady is configured to best meet your needs... but first you must ensure you're clear about what those needs are. 

New Use Case

As you're thinking about setting up a new use case, some key items to consider are:

  1. What is the goal or intended outcome for your students?
  2. What will they need to study? This will be set up as the Scope and will determine the study path they will work on.
  3. How/ where do you expect your students to use EdReady? Understanding their situation will help to ensure that we considering any configuration options that can help support your users.
  4. What groupings of students are needed? This information is used to ensure the appropriate permissions in the reports. Typically each group will have its own Goal. 
  5. Support: Who will be monitoring the students’ progress and checking in with them?

Updating a Use Case

If you have already been using EdReady, you may be looking for some guidance on optimizing your setup or how you can address pain points. Some items that are helpful to think about in advance of a meeting are:

  1. Has EdReady been able to help your students reach their goal or intended outcome?
  2. Does the current study path setup meet your needs?
    --Are your students studying the right material?
    --Is anything missing or should be removed?
    --Do you need the study paths broken down into smaller pieces?
  3. Do your students understand how to use EdReady properly?
    --Do they need additional guidance or resources? 
  4. Does your staff understand how to use EdReady reports?
    --What information are they looking at and at what frequency?
    --How are they using the reports to support their students? 
  5. Does your staff have access to the students they need?
    --Are they having trouble sorting through students they don't support (too many students in their goals) or have access to past students that should be removed from their view
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