NROC English: Submit Button Is Grayed Out

If you are having trouble submitting your work in NROC English, you will first want to be sure that you have not overlooked any of the on-screen messages that tell you what to do. See this article for more details.

If you have already checked the suggestions in that article, and you are sure that the submit button should be activated, then you may be having a browser or connectivity issue. Follow these steps below to troubleshoot.

  • Keep an eye on the "Connected" status in small print at the bottom right of the screen. If you are getting disconnected, your work is not being saved. This is likely an internet problem.
  • Check that every required box is filled in (if applicable). 
  • In the My Journal assignments that show up during videos, read the prompt carefully. If it says "Answer the following questions" (plural) then you have more than one question to respond to. Look for a scroll bar next to the question. It may not show up until you attempt to scroll.
  • Be sure that all comments are liked/dismissed (if applicable).
    ** It's easy to overlook something, so scroll slowly.**
  • Pasting may not be recognized as typing by your browser. If you have pasted into the boxes, go back to every box or comment and add/delete one character. Check to see if this activates the submit button.
  • If you're on a draft where you can make comments, make a new one and type a few characters into the box. If this activates the submit button, you can delete your test comment and the submit button should remain active.


If none of that works, then copy and paste your work into an external document to save it. (Preferably a plain text editor, since you'll have to paste it back in plain text later. Mac TextEdit and Windows Notepad have plain text options.)

  • Go back to your LMS, click on the Unit link, and return to the area you were having trouble with.
  • Check your work and see if the submit button is active now.
  • If you lost any work, paste it in plain text (right-click [Win] or command-click [Mac] and select "paste as plain text" or "paste and match style") from the external editor where you saved it.
  • Pasting may actually CAUSE this problem as noted above, so you may need to type something in each box, such as a space, or type and delete a character.

If the issue persists, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies, then re-enter through the school's website and try again. See for instructions.

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