NROC English: How does a student complete the Active Reader?

The Active Reader in NROC English divides the reading selection into several parts. Each part is followed by comprehension questions. The student navigates through the Active Reader with the "Back" and "Next" buttons. In order to be marked "Completed", the student must answer all of the comprehension questions.

The "Lenses" in the right sidebar are there to help the student understand the reading, but they are not required for completion. 

The screenshots below demonstrate the process from both the student and the instructor point of view.


There is a link to comprehension questions at the end of each part of the reading. There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen which shows where the student is in the reacing. Here, we see that the student is in part two of four in this reading selection.


When the student answers the comprehension questions, they are marked correct or incorrect, and the correct answer is revealed immediately. These are not graded questions, they are simply to guide the student to better understanding of the reading.



If the student stops midway through the Active Reader without completing all of the questions, they will have a bookmark icon on the unit home page. 


At this point, the instructor will see that the student is "In Progress" on the Active Reader.



When the student completes all the comprehension questions in the Active Reader, they will have a completed (filled) checkmark.



Now the instructor will see that the student's Active Reader column is marked "Completed".








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