How to Create a New Primary Instructor (not common)



In most cases, instructors should create their own accounts in the NROC Course Manager, so they have ownership of their login and are empowered to manage their own accounts. 

However, since automated account creation only takes place when the primary instructor is registering a class in the Course Manager for the first time, there are two cases where the administrator may need to create an instructor account manually. 

  1. A new instructor is taking over for another instructor, and has not/will not register any classes of their own for the first time right now. Use the instructions below for this case.

    If the new instructor is registering at least one class of their own, they should do so BEFORE taking over other classes. After registering the first class, they will have an account in the NROC Course Manager, and the Institutional Admin (IA) can make them the instructor in any other classes they are taking over by changing the instructor for each class.

  2. A "secondary instructor", such as an adjunct or assistant, who has never been a primary instructor in another class and thus has never been through the registration process. For instructions on this case, see How to add a secondary instructor.

In either of these cases, the IA will have to create the instructor's account in the Course Manager, and provide the instructor with their login credentials via a secure channel.

Once the instructor account is created, they can be added to other classes as a primary or secondary instructor, by the administrator, or by other instructors. Their name will appear in all dropdown lists of instructors. The primary/secondary role differentiation is on a per-class basis, not a per-user basis.

NOTE: "Create a new instructor" can only be done by the Institutional Admin (IA) account for your school in the NROC Course Manager.  

The IA for your school is your LMS administrator. If you are an instructor, please contact your LMS administrator for assistance. 

Create a new instructor via the Class Settings tab

  1. Log into the NROC Course Manager at with your institution's admin username and password.
  2. Go to the "Class Settings" tab.
  3. Select the target class from the dropdown menu. The page will automatically refresh to show that class' settings page.
  4. Click on "Create a new primary instructor".
  5. Fill out the form and click "Add This Instructor".
  6. When the screen refreshes, you will see a confirmation message in red, and you will see the instructor's name added as the primary instructor. 

  7. Now that this instructor account exists, it can be added to other classes by selecting the instructor on the "Class Settings" tab for each class they will be teaching.
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