Why can't my student move on to the next unit?

The progress of a student from one unit to the next is not controlled by NROC settings.

There are typically two places where students may report being "stuck" at the end of a unit. The first is the one we hear most commonly; the second only applies when some type of "conditional release" has been set up in the LMS.

  1. At the end of the Writing Center. There is no button in the Writing Center for the student to progress to the next unit. Each unit is a self-contained link in the LMS. Students must return to the LMS and click to the next unit link to get started. If they are looking for their final grade, they must click on the link in the Notifications sidebar.

  2. After taking a unit assessment or completing the unit. There is no NROC setting controlling what happens in the LMS after the student completes a unit assessment or any other LMS-based assignment. If the student is stuck in the LMS, it's likely that your school has created a "conditional release" type of system where the student has to complete a particular activity or achieve a particular score on something in order to unlock the next unit. Contact your LMS administrator or course designer for information on how to help the student move forward.



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