Print NROC Math and English Content

To print out the NROC Math textbook or the NROC English handbook (links at the end of this page), you will use your browser's print function. Depending on your browser, you may also be able to save to PDF (or print to PDF). 

Browser Print Functions

We cannot provide instructions for all browsers, but it is common that the print function is activated by the key combination Ctrl+P (Windows) or Cmd+P (Mac). That brings up a dialog where you can select various options, depending on your browser and printer combination. You will need to determine the best print settings for appropriate margins and to avoid truncating the page content. You may also prefer to switch to a different browser for printing.

Printing With Frames

The pages of the online textbook are built in "frames". The header and footer are in one frame that remains static (you might think of it as a layer) and the content that scrolls is in another frame (a layer behind the header and footer). In most browsers, you will need to remove the frame around/above the content to get all of the pages of the topic to print cleanly. (The notable exception at the time of this writing is Chrome on a Mac, which prints the content frame automatically.)

How to Print

Right-click (Ctrl+click) with your mouse in the middle of the content frame to bring up the floating context menu.

As you can see in the Firefox example above, you will have options for the frame you clicked on.

Your choices will vary depending on your browser, but you may be able to "Show only this frame" or "Open frame in new tab", or simply "Print frame". All of these are possible ways to get the underlying content isolated from the top and bottom headers so that you can print the entire topic in one job.

Test the Output

Our most recent findings demonstrate that these frame options exist in Windows for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and in Maco for Firefox and Safari. Chrome on Mac prints the content frame without having to use any special tricks.

You will need to test the output with different settings until you find what works for your situation. Check your browser and/or printer documentation or support for any questions you may have. 

Printing Example

The screenshot below shows an example using Chrome on a Mac with an Epson printer. When you have successfully isolated the content from the header/footer, you should see something similar to this. Depending on the length of the topic, it may print on several pages.

In this example, the output is set to "color" ("black and white" is also an option) and "background images" are turned on to get the column highlighting. "Headers and footers" are also turned on to get page numbers and date/title/URL. Your options and results will vary depending on your printer and browser.




Use the links in the table of contents to navigate to each chapter of the textbook and print or save them separately.

Printing everything would result in a document hundreds of pages long, so we do not offer them all as a single file. 

Navigate back to the Table of Contents using the " <--- view all topics" link in the header to select a different topic to print.


Links to Printable Open Textbooks




You can find the NROC Math textbook online here:


Links to all the Glossary pages are here:




You can find the NROC English handbook online here:


We recommend that you click to open the four sections at the bottom of each page before printing:





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