Moodle Gradebook - A Possible Solution

This solution was shared by NROC Member Lucretia White at College of the Albemarle. They converted each assessment to a total of 20 points (one point per question), instead of the 4 points that Moodle was defaulting to. We share this solution here in hopes that it will help others sort out the Moodle scoring problem.

  1. CIick on the NROC assessment in Moodle.
  2. Go to the action menu (gear icon).
  3. Select “Edit Quiz.”
  4. For the first question in the "Maximum mark" (point allocation) box, click on the pencil. Delete the “1” and type “5.”
  5. Press “enter” on your keyboard.
  6. You should see the “Total of Points” number change.
  7. Then, change the "5" points back to "1" point.
  8. Verify the total number of points equal to 20, not 4.
  9. Repeat these steps for all assessment Forms within the unit. Then, move to the next unit and repeat these steps.

This is an example of the wrong scoring:

This is how it should look after the corrections are made.


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