Change Instructor for a Class in the Course Manager

Question: The wrong instructor is listed for a class in the Course Manager. How do we fix it?


Answer: Only the current primary instructor or the Institutional Admin (IA) account can make this change. The IA role typically falls to your LMS administrator.

  1. Go to the Class Settings tab.
  2. Select the class you want to change from the dropdown menu. If you are the IA, you will see a dropdown menu of classes to choose from. If you're logged in as the instructor in your LMS, you may only see the current class. 

  3. On the Class Settings screen, change the instructor by selecting the correct one from the dropdown menu and click "Save Changes".


  4. The IA has the option to create a new primary instructor here. Use this option ONLY if the primary instructor does not have their own account already, and is unable to register this class on their own (due to it being assigned to someone else).


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