NROC Course Installation: Default Settings

Important: NROC course cartridge files do not contain any settings or instructions to your LMS that override your default settings. Someone (such as an instructional designer) should test the newly installed course to determine if it is functioning as required/expected by your institution and make any adjustments to assessment scoring or student workflow as appropriate.

NROC courses may be used "out of the box" or customized using LMS features and tools.

  • Content and links can be moved around or deleted.
  • Assessments/quizzes are fully under the control of your LMS' native quiz engine.
  • The content within LTI modules cannot be modified, but the location of the LTI links in the class can be changed.
  • Your institution may have particular requirements for all courses or teachers may wish to customize their own courses.

By default, NROC courses provide only the minimal information required by IMS Common Cartridge standards to create a viable installation file. We do not have any settings that override your LMS defaults. Some notes:

A. We only provide: (1) links to content on our servers, and (2) quizzes that use your LMS' native assessment engine.

For individual assessment items, we provide:

  • the question
  • the answer options
  • correct/incorrect feedback
  • a basis of 1 point per question OR 100 points per question (depending on which IMSCC file you selected. Blackboard prefers the basis 100.)

B. We do not provide any means of controlling student behavior in the class. By default, students can start anywhere and open any content. It is up to each institution or individual teachers to determine what content to protect, restrict to instructors, or control by "conditional release" or other available LMS features.

C. The Instructor Resources section is not hidden by default but can be hidden from students using LMS settings. The Course Management and Reporting LTI link will only function for users who have the role of "teacher" or "instructor" (or similar) in the class. Students will see a warning message if they click on it. Admins who are not also teachers may or may not have access depending on how the LMS interprets and provides roles to the tool.


Unit Content and Writing Center settings can be customized in the NROC Course Manager.

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