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In-Diagnostic (Initial Diagnostic) Message Overview

The In-Diagnostic message provides a way for you to communicate with students as they work to complete the initial assessment. It is commonly used to provide encouragement, and you can also display different messages to students based on their performance so far. When creating this message, you can indicate when it should appear (based on the percentage of the diagnostic that has been completed) and can enable multiple messages to best meet your needs. 

This message type is not enabled by default, but you can add one to your study path by following these steps:

  1. Access the Study Path Options Messages tab (details can be found here)
  2. Click the Add New Message button at the bottom of the page
  3. In the Section dropdown, select In-Diagnostic
  4. In the Category dropdown, select Initial Diagnostic


Available Options


Enter the message you'd like students to see on-screen in the Content area.

Determine when you want students to see this message, and put your selection in the Completion Percentage area. (Values between 1-99 are accepted.) For example, if you enter "20" here, students will see this message when they have completed 20% of the initial diagnostic. 

If you would like to show a different message to students based on how well they are performing on the material so far, enable the Add threshold option:


Indicate your score Threshold: this is the percentage of material the student has mastered so far. You will be able to display different messages to students who have above and below that threshold so far.

For example, if you enter a "40" as the Threshold, you are indicating that you want to have a different message for students that have less than 40% of the concepts correct, and one for students who have earned at least 40% correct. 

Students that have earned at least the entered Threshold will see the content in the Above Message area. Students that have mastered less than the Threshold score so far will see the content in the Below Message area.

You can also opt to enable the Allow students to skip the remainder of the diagnostic setting. When in place, students that do not meet the threshold will see an additional button at the bottom of the on-screen message: 


If they click the Skip test now button, they receive 0 points for remainder of the material and will immediately complete the test. Since the material tested gets more difficult, this is a nice way to reduce frustration for struggling students: rather than forcing them to slog through material they don't know, they can move onto the portion of EdReady where they can work to increase their knowledge. 


Be sure to click the Save button when this message is first created and upon making any edits. 

If you'd like to see how this message will display to students, click the Preview button and it will appear in a pop-up window. Note that this preview will show all messages (above & below threshold) at once - this is just so you can verify that the formatting looks ok on-screen and your students will only see the message appropriate for them.

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