Study Path Options Messaging: Test Intro Messages

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Test Intro Messages: Overview

The "Test Intro" messages will be displayed on-screen before a student begins the associated test activity. The Initial Diagnostic message is displayed only once, but the Topic Test and Unit Test messages will display prior to every test attempt.

Note: details on accessing the Study Path Options messages can be found here.


Available Options

There are three "Test Intro" messages available: Initial Diagnostic, Topic Test, and Unit Test:


Click Edit from the main Study Path Options Messages tab to edit one of these messages. 


Enter the message you'd like students to see on-screen in the Content area.

The message is Active by default, but you can disable this message if desired by un-checking this checkbox.

If you make any edits, be sure to click the Save button.


If you'd like to see how this message will display to students, click the Preview button and it will appear in a pop-up window:



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