Student's Account is Locked

If a student enters the wrong username and password combination five times, their account will be locked and they will be unable to log in for 30 minutes. (More details on the student view here.)


How to Unlock a Student account:

1. The student can wait 30 minutes and their account will automatically be unlocked. 

Note: We cannot see passwords on accounts. If the password the student is trying to use does not work, the only solution is to reset the password

2. An administrator or instructor can manually unlock the student's account by following the instructions below. 

Note: An instructor needs access to the Students tab in EdReady in order to follow the instructions below. Ask your EdReady Admin to give you the "Manage Students" permission. This permission can only be granted by your local EdReady administrator. EdReady support staff cannot change user permissions.

To Manually Unlock A Student's Account

a. Click on the Edit EdReady Version button from your reports dashboard to access EdReady's administrative pages.

b. If you have access to more than one Administrative tab, click on the Students tab. 

c. The students you have permission to see will be listed in this table: click the Edit link for the student you need to unlock. 

If you have a lot of students listed, we recommend you take advantage of typing in the Filter row to limit the students that are listed


d. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Unlock Student button.

If you do not see this button, then the student's account is not currently locked and they should be able to attempt logging in. 




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