Students: Goals - Unlock Study Paths

If you have a goal that takes advantage of the sequenced scopes functionality (more information here), there may be scopes that are locked for students by default. If so, someone who can access the Students tab on the EdReady Administrtaive pages can manually unlock scopes (study paths) for students if needed.

You can follow these steps to see and unlock/ locl the study paths in a students' goal: 

  1. Log into EdReady and access your Reports Dashboard
  2. Click on the Edit EdReady Version button
  3. Click on the Students tab: here you will see all the students you have permission to see. For most instructors, this will be the students who have joined your goal(s)
  4. Find the student you want to update (it may be helpful to use the built-in sort/ filter capabilities) and click the Edit link in the students' row
  5. Then, click on the student's Goals tab
  6. The goals the student is already enrolled in will be listed in the top table: click the View Study Paths link
  7. All of the scopes (study paths) in this goal will be listed: if it is already unlocked, you will see a link to Lock the study path. If a study path is locked, you will see a link to Unlock. Click the link and the study path will automatically be Locked or Unlocked for the student.
    note: if the student is currently logged in, they may have to refresh their browser to see this change applied.


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