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Study Path Sequence Overview

If multiple scopes (study paths) are included in a single goal, EdReady allows you to specify the order in which those scopes appear. Additionally, you can choose to restrict access to a study path until a student has reached the target score for the previous study path in the sequence. For example, if a goal contains three study paths, each covering more topics than the previous one, you can configure the goal so that the student will not be allowed to access the second study path until they reach the target score for the first. Likewise, they will not be able to access the third study path until they reach the target score for the second.

Accessing Goal Options

To access Goal Options, go to the Goals Tab of your administrative dashboard. Select the goal you wish to view by clicking Edit in the Actions column. Then click the Goal Options tab. Check the Enable box under Study Path Sequence to see additional settings.


Study Path Sequence Settings

By default, the study paths in the goal will not be locked, meaning that students may begin working in any study path in the goal. You can lock any study path in the goal and restrict access by selecting the checkbox next to that study path. In the Study Path Sequence Settings, you can choose to have each subsequent locked study path unlock automatically when the student reaches the target score for the previous study path. To enable this feature, click the checkbox in the Settings section.


Additionally, you can specify a Manual Unlock code that will allow a student to unlock a study path without reaching the target score of the previous study path. Please note that this code will be the same for all study paths in the goal, but it must be entered for each study path that a student wishes to unlock.

Study Path Order

To specify the order in which study paths are listed in the goal, simply drag and drop each study path to arrange them in the desired order. Click the checkbox next to each study path you wish to lock. Please note that if you wish for students to begin working in the first study path as soon as they join the goal, you should leave the first study path unlocked. Additionally, if you intend to lock any study paths in the goal but choose not to have the next study path in the sequence unlock automatically, a manual unlock code is required.


The student view of the above example goal will look similar to the image shown below.

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