Getting Started With NROC Developmental Math with PreAssessments - Information for Instructors

As an instructor getting started with NROC Math, here are some helpful articles and tutorials you should reference.


  1. Be sure to register your class into the NROC Course Manager before you test any of the links. The Unit and Tutor Sim links, in particular, will have an error message unless you have registered the class. 

  2. Student work is collected and reported in the NROC Course Manager, which you can access via the "Course Management and Reporting" link in each class (this link is in the "Instructor Resources" section by default).

  3. Students will not show up in the NROC Course Manager until they have clicked on a Unit link. That first click registers their name in the Course Manager and from that point forward their data is collected under that name.


The NROC Course Manager is the core of our reporting functionality. You can learn more about how it works at the following links:





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