Getting Started with NROC Algebra 1 - Technical Information for Instructors


As an instructor using the NROC Algebra 1 course, here are some basic technical facts you need to know about this course:

  • This course is composed of links to content on NROC servers.
  • There is no content in this course that sends a grade or any other data to your LMS gradebook.
  • If you want to create graded assignments, you will need to use your LMS' capabilities to create an assignment and provide a method for the student to submit their work for grading. For example, if you want to grade the Review for Unit 1 Topic 3, you might ask students to take a screenshot of their final score and submit it via an "assignment" in your LMS.
  • The unit-level assessments are managed and scored by the native LMS quiz engine.
  • You can add and remove content using your LMS' feature set.
  • If you accidentally delete something and want it reinstalled, contact your LMS administrator.
  • NROC supports the content in this course, but not the features of your LMS. If you are having an issue with LMS features such as conditional release, please contact your LMS administrator.
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