Troubleshooting Technical Issues in NROC English

  • Error messages when clicking on Unit or Tutor Sim links.
    Check to be sure your class has been registered properly. The Unit and Tutor Sim links will not function correctly if you have not registered your class.

  • Student data not showing up in the Course Manager.
    Students need to be enrolled in your class (in your LMS) and then they must click on a Unit or Tutor Sim link to be recognized by our system. There is no need to import a roster of students. They simply show up as they start working on the class materials.

  • Student is registered twice in the Course Manager.
    If this occurs, get in touch with your LMS administrator and/or NROC Tech Support right away. It is possible that students and teachers are using different URLs to log into your LMS, and that can create serious data alignment problems. The sooner we can correct it, the better.

  • Student is seeing "Access Denied" or being asked to log in.
    Students should never need to log in to NROC content but sometimes the browser gets corrupt data or cookies, or the browser settings are not quite right. Please read about the correct settings that all student devices should use to access NROC courses. 
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