Updates and Patches

Most NROC content is updated dynamically, so there is no need to download new version updates. However, occasionally an issue may be discovered that we cannot update dynamically, and then we provide information to our members about how to proceed. These updates are listed on this page.


June 2023

There were no manual updates required in 2022-2023.

December 2021

There were no manual updates required in 2021.

December 2020

There were no manual updates required in 2020.

May 2019

Developmental English: We discovered a question in the Unit 6 Form B assessment that needs to be replaced with new content. Teachers can easily apply the patch in their own courses without the LMS admin reinstalling the course. Please visit our Unit 6 Form B Manual Patch instructions page for more details. This issue will be fixed for future installations in our IMSCC file update, planned for Summer 2019.

April 2018

Support for Flash-based courses will be ending in August 2018. Please see this article for details. 

May 2017

All LMS-based NROC courses have been updated to HTML5 and we encourage you to update before the coming school year. Please see this article for more details.

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