Do we have the latest version of our NROC Course?

Question: Do we have the latest version of our NROC course installed in our LMS? How can we find out?



Most of the content in NROC courses is housed on NROC's servers. This allows us to update the courses on the fly. There is no need for you to download and install a new version when we make an update.

Rarely, we have a reason to produce new IMSCC files. These are the files used (by an LMS administrator) to install the course into your LMS. They contain the overall structure of the course that displays in your LMS, links to the NROC content on our servers, and the LMS-based assessments. The structure and the assessments are the only parts of the course that we can update via a new "version" of these IMSCC files.

The IMSCC version is identified in the filename of the IMSCC file that the LMS administrator downloaded and installed. 

When we produce new IMSCC files, we alert all members via our regular newsletter. These changes are typically minor and do not impact the overall functioning of the course. If there are any larger concerns, we will alert all members of the change and how to proceed with updates. 

If we discover an issue that should be patched rather than waiting for an IMSCC update, we provide those on our Updates and Patches page.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our support team at



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