NROC English Placement Test

The Placement Test of 50 questions will be available at the outset of the program through the Learning Management System (LMS). This test covers objectives from Units 1 through 5 and will allow placement of students in either unit 1 or unit 6, based on their skill level.

Each of the 50 questions were ranked and ordered from least difficult to most difficult. The assessment development team recommends 84% (42 questions) as the threshold score. So the instructor will place students who score 84% or below in Unit 1, and the instructor will place students who place above 84% in Unit 6. Individual schools and instructors can adjust this percentage based on their school’s requirements.

Once students complete the Placement test, their instructor will have to manually place students in the appropriate unit. This could be done in a number of ways through the LMS (and each LMS has different functionality). For example, in Moodle the instructor could use the “groups” feature and assign students to groups based on their score.

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