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NROC Math Topics are comprised of six activities: Warm Up, Presentation, Worked Examples, Topic Text, Practice, Review. Some Topics will have fewer activities (for example, Topics with no pre-requisite objectives will not have a Warm Up).

 Any activity that has been attempted will display an icon showing its completion status:

  • Incomplete activities will display a bookmark icon
  • Complete activities will display a checkmark icon


You can click on these icons to get information about the current completion status:



Completion Status

  • For the Warm Up, Practice and Review activities, you need to answer all of the questions to complete the activity.
  • For the Presentation, you need to play the movie to complete the activity.
  • For the Worked Examples, you must play each movie to complete the activity.
  • For the Topic Text, you need to scroll to complete the activity.

Every activity will have one of three possible states: unattempted, bookmarked or completed. The Review activity has two possible completion state variations:

  • Completed, not mastered (outline checkmark - see below)
  • Competed, mastered (solid checkmark)



Again, clicking on the indicator gives you more information:



The instructor must set the Mastery Score for Reviews in the NROC Course Manager. This setting will determine the mastery score requirement for the Review activity for all students in the class.

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