Moodle Scoring of Assessments


Why does Moodle have strange assessment scores or percentages that do not make mathematical sense?



This is an issue peculiar to Moodle. Unfortunately, we do not know of any settings that we can control that will make Moodle score in a logical way. Our system was not designed to transmit any scores to your LMS, but Moodle has a setting that "accepts" scores.

We provide a very limited amount of information in our IMSCC file (installation cartridge) about each question:

  • the question itself
  • the answer choices
  • feedback on each answer choice (right or wrong)
  • a scoring basis of 1 point per question

Moodle apparently does some calculations on that, computes "marks" in addition to a "grade", and comes up with strange numbers we cannot consistently explain. 

Unusual scoring scenarios do not exist in all Moodle installations, leading us to believe that some Moodle administrators have modified their default settings in a way that circumvents this problem. 


We recommend that Moodle administrators turn OFF the setting that allows Moodle to accept scores from the LTI tool if the scoring isn't useful. (In the LTI settings panel - "Accept grades from tool: Never")

We designed the NROC Course Manager with export capabilities so that all users, regardless of LMS, can download student data in an Excel file and import it into any LMS in a more managed fashion using field mapping.

If you wish to make Moodle's scoring work for your institution, we encourage you to reach out to Moodle's support community for assistance. If you are a Moodle administrator with information that can assist us in meeting Moodle's standards or explain how Moodle's scoring works, please get in touch with us. 

Possible Solution:

One of our members has shared a possible solution to this issue. We hope you find it helpful!

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