How to Fix Student Access Issues in NROC Courses

Applies to:

  • NROC Developmental Math with Pre-Assessments
  • NROC Developmental English

(Courses installed in LMS only; does not apply to EdReady.)


The NROC courses that use LTI to connect students with the NROC Course Manager are designed to do so "behind the scenes" so students do not need to have a login. The Course Manager recognizes the student and creates their account based on their login to the LMS.


Occasionally, there are situations where this process does not complete properly. It may be due to corruption in the cache, and some browsers have settings that interfere with this process if not set correctly. The settings problem seems to be especially true for Safari (the Mac and iOS default browser).

In this case, the student may see a login screen, an "Access Denied" error message, or "We are unable to gather all of the required information to start this session" when clicking on a Unit ("Begin here") link in the course. 



Please check all of the following settings in your browser.


- If cookies are disabled, enable them.

- If the browser is out of date, update it to the latest version.

- Clear the cache completely, including cookies, and be sure to use the setting "for all time" or similar, not just the last hour or day. You do not need to clear your downloads, passwords, or history.

--Special instructions for Safari--

The following settings are specific to Safari. We do not recommend using another browser if you have a Mac or an iOS device.

Cookies and Website Data set to:

Always Allow 
Allow from Websites I Visit 


Prevent Cross-Site Tracking set to:



If you change any settings, you should follow this with a thorough cache clearing as explained above.

If the issue persists after those steps, submit a support ticket.

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