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This tab shows you the Study Paths and associated goals that this student is working in. (Note: only Active Study Paths where the student has started the Initial Diagnostic will be listed here.)


In the Status column, you will see one of four values:

  • OK: the Goal is active and there is no action needed at this time
  • Inactive Goal: the Goal the student is enrolled in is Inactive, so the student will be unable to access this Goal and work on the associated study path
  • Goal mismatch: students can only work on a study path in 1 goal. If the student is enrolled in more than 1 goal that has this study path in it, and the goal they are currently working in is Inactive, you will see this status.
    • In this situation, you will see a Modify action displayed in the final column
    • Click on this link and a pop-up window will open, allowing you to move the student’s study path data to an Active goal they are enrolled in. Select the new goal you want your student’s data in and click the Modify button to save.
  • Duplicate: Similar to goal mismatch, the student is enrolled in more than one goal that has this study path in it, but both goals are active.
    • Clicking the Modify button will show you which of the student's assigned goals include this study path. You will need to remove one of the goals from the student's profile.06d_students_studyPaths_modify_Duplicate.png


  • Note: students already have the ability to move their data between goals (see details here: What if I need to switch Goals (classes)?), but this allows administrators to perform this action via the administrative interface


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