Editing and Managing your EdReady site

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Accessing EdReady Editing and Management Functionality

When you first log into EdReady as an administrator, you will be taken to the Reports Dashboard. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below:


Administrative functions can be accessed under the EdReady Version Management header: click
the Edit EdReady Version button to see your admin capabilities.

Administrative Tabs and Navigation


What you see on this page will be based on the administrative permissions associated with your
account: this guide will cover all administrative functions, though it is possible that not all of them will be applicable/ available to you.

The main sections of EdReady administrative functions are each represented by a tab on this page:

Click on any tab to edit/ view the corresponding details of your EdReady version.

Note that these main tabs may not always be available throughout the admin pages of EdReady, but you can always navigate back to this view by clicking your EdReady version name in the header.

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