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Goals: All Goals Access vs Selecting Goals (only for Admin users)

At the top of the goals tab within the user account, there is an Access to ALL Goals/ Students in version setting. If this field is:

  • On/ checked: The user will have access to all of the goals and student data within your EdReady site. This means you will not have/need the ability to grant goal access to this user. Below is an image of what it looks like on the goals tab if this permission is selected.

  • Off/ unchecked: This user can see only see the Goals & Students in your EdReady site that he is given explicit permission to see (on the Hierarchy & Goals tabs). Below is a screenshot of what this page looks like with the permission unselected. (note: this permission will not be available for Teacher accounts.)

Goals: Indicate the Goals this user can see in reports

You can also directly indicate the goals this user can see. There is no way to indicate that this user can view a specific student in the reports: instead, this user will be able to see any students who are members of the goal(s) this user is associated with.

You’ll notice that the goals in your EdReady version are listed in two categories:

Available Goals:
These are goals that are in your EdReady site, but are not associated with this user.

Note: if none of the listed goals are what you are looking for, you may need to visit the goals tab on the main administrative dashboard to create a new goal (or clone an existing one), then return here to add it to this user.

Selected Goals:
These are all the goals that are associated with this user. This user will see all
data associated with these goals, based on the settings indicated on the Permissions tab.

For example, if a user has ‘Reporting Access’, when he visits the reports he will be able to see all Goals listed in the ‘Selected Goals’ table, including associated students & assessments.

Note: If you wish to customize the columns that are visible in your Selected and Available Goals tables, click the blue plus icon above the top right corner of each table.

Adding a goal to your user:

  • Goals can be added to this user by clicking the Add link (under the Actions column) in the available goals list: the assessment will then be added to the selected goals list


Removing a goal from your user:

  • Goals can be removed from this user by clicking the Remove link (under the Actions column) in the available goals list


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