Understanding EdReady Tags

Throughout EdReady, you may see places where you can search for Tags and apply them to objects. Tags are intended to be a quick way to identify and find something in a manner other than what is possible using an existing field (like the name).

It is helpful to understand that there is a single tag cloud that is shared across all EdReady versions and object types (Scopes, Goals, Admin Users, and Students). As you create and use tags, they'll be added to the master list so that you can easily reference them throughout your site. The tags that others are adding will also be available to you. 

Though the tag-list may quickly get very long, we hope that the functionality is helpful for making suggestions and gives our members a way of consolidating around shared tags, even if there is no overt coordination among sites.

Here are some ideas for how tags might be used:

  • For admins or students: tag them by enrollment status, semester, location, age, etc.
  • For goals and scopes: tag them by semester, location, intended outcomes, perceived time to completion, etc.

In all cases, the idea is to use simple, quick references. We will be enabling more refined and controlled labels in the future. Tagging is powerful because of it's simplicity and the way they naturally enable faceted search, but that also means that they are not good vehicles for situations where you need very precise (and often specifically delimited) identifiers.

More information on tags:


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