The NROC Course Manager has three different roles or permission levels.

Institutional Admin

This role is assigned to one user from the institution at the first instantiation of the account in the NROC Course Manager. This role provides administrative capabilities to one user for the entire institution, across both NROC Math and NROC English courses. The Institutional Admin is usually the LMS Administrator. This user can:

  1. download student reports across the entire institution
  2. log in as an instructor to troubleshoot or change the instructor's password
  3. create new instructors
  4. reassign a class to a new or existing instructor

This user can log in to the NROC Course Manager via a direct URL (provided by NROC when the account is created), without using a link in an LMS-based course.


This role is established for any user who has a "teacher" role in the LMS. This role allows the instructor to see only his/her own registered classes and students. Only the instructor can enter the NROC Course Manager via the "Course Management and Reporting" link in the LMS view of the course.


This role is assigned only to those with a student role in the LMS. Users with the student role are not able to access the NROC Course Manager directly. They can only interact with the course content by clicking Unit links in the course, via the LMS.

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