EdReady: Overview of LTI Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup

This article applies to EdReady LTI for SSO only.  For Developmental Math or Developmental English LTI installations, please see the article on How to Set Up LTI Courses.


This article provides an overview of the process of setting up an LTI single sign-on (SSO) setup between EdReady and an LMS. The detailed steps will vary depending on the LMS you are using. Furthermore, there are other protocols (such as SAML) and other systems (such as a SIS) that may be used for EdReady SSO.

Understanding LTI Basics

LTI is a set of standards for secure communication that allows two unrelated systems to share information. In an LTI setup, there are two end-points: the "consumer" and the "provider". In this case, EdReady is the provider. The LMS is the consumer.

The EdReady Administrator must set up certain parameters in EdReady (the provider) so that the LMS (the consumer) can share that information back to EdReady for security verification.

Required Roles

  • LTI typically requires a cooperative effort between the LMS Administrator and the EdReady Administrator.
  • EdReady Administrator will perform some preliminary setup steps within EdReady. The LMS Administrator will set up the LTI tool in the LMS, following the LMS-specific documentation provided by NROC. The LMS Administrator and the EdReady Administrator will then coordinate testing and troubleshooting.
  • Further documentation of these steps, as well as the consumer key and secret required for an LTI setup, will be provided when you submit a technical support ticket.


How to proceed or ask questions:

  1. Not a member yet? Once your institution has a signed contract, our support team will be happy to meet with you to set up your SSO connection.
  2. Already on board? Your LMS administrator or EdReady administrator can fill out the form at You will receive a response from our Technical Support team within two business days with instructions on how to get started.


IMPORTANT! This article is only an overview of the process; it is NOT complete documentation. The specific requirements for LTI-based SSO setup vary from one application to the next, and cannot be provided in a simple article. Your EdReady Administrator or LMS Administrator can submit a support ticket to arrange a conversation and obtain the appropriate documentation for your particular situation.




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