How Mastery Scoring Works With Pre-Assessment

Students can master a topic via one of two ways:

  • via the pre-assessment, or
  • by taking the Review test.

If the student masters a topic on the pre-assessment, they will be marked as "pass" and their Review test score is no longer important. Any additional work on the topic is not required.

As the teacher, you may still wish to require the student to complete the Review or other work, but the system does not. They will still be marked "pass" for the entire topic, even if they do no additional work on the topic.

If the student does not reach mastery for a given topic on the pre-assessment, then they must reach the mastery score on the Review for the topic to be counted as "mastered".

As a result, teachers may see that the student's average Review score is below the mastery score that they set in the Class Settings. This is normal behavior in such a case.

A student who has mastered the topic via the pre-assessment is not required to take the Review test for unit mastery and may have a blue # representing a Review test that was not attempted.


The teacher of the class in the example below set the mastery score to 100. The example student sees an on-screen message stating that they have mastered all the topics in the unit. However, the student has a 98.5 average review score, not 100.



How is this possible? As this example demonstrates, the student's Review scores (or the average thereof) are not the determining factor in the student's mastery of a unit.

For Lesson 1 - Topic 1, the student passed the topic during the pre-assessment. They were not required to take the review test to master the topic, but they did. They got a score of 82. Even though this Review score does not meet the threshold of 100, it does not matter because the student already demonstrated mastery of the topic when they took the pre-assessment.


For Lesson 2 - Topic 1, the student did not pass during the pre-assessment. They took the review and got a score of 100, so they mastered the topic.

For Lesson 4 - Topic 2, the student passed in the pre-assessment. They were not required to take the Review test, and in this case they did not take it.

The system determined that the student had passed all of the topics in the unit via ONE of the two ways: pre-assessment OR Review score, and informed the student that they had mastered all of the topics in the unit.

The system still averaged and reported all of the students' Review scores. Since some scores were non-existent and others were below 100, the average did not come out to a full 100, yet the student still achieved mastery.



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