What question types are used to assess students in Developmental Math?

The following question types are used in Developmental Math. Some question types are limited to particular types of assessments.

  • Multiple Choice – A question with one or more correct answers.
  • Matching – Match a set of choices to a set of targets.  The number of choices may not necessarily match the number of targets (choices > targets or choices < targets).  Multiple items may match the same target.
  • Fill in the Blank – Fill in the blank question matched to a set of acceptable answers.
  • Fill in the Table  – A set of "fill in the blank" questions combined into one.
  • Plot 1D – Question that asks the user to plot a point or line on a number line.
  • Plot 2D – Question that asks the user to plot a point, line, or region in 2D space.

 All question types are used in the Practice problems. Only Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank are used in the Pre-Assessment, Review, and Unit Assessment problems

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